ANZRS meeting

This annual meeting of retinal specialists nation wide gave us the opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge about current treatments for retinal disease as well as discuss upcoming research. Among the hot topics discussed were the recent trials arguing for intra-vitreal injections over retinal laser for treatment of proliferative diabetic retinopathy. There have recently emerged two schools of thought here that challenge our original thinking that retinal laser is the safest and most efficacious method in which to treat proliferative retinal disease. The use of intra-vitreal injections to achieve a similar result represents a new wave of thinking in this front and whilst some argue that if this method is chosen then closer monitoring of the patient is required , ongoing clinical trials will serve to comment on its future utility as an efficacious management strategy An excellent overview of the use of imaging technology , particular ocular coherence tomography in management of chronic retinal conditions such as AMD. In particular reference was made to the under-utilisation of OCT spectral mapping – a valuable tool for detection of acute on chronic activity as well as an emphasis on the red free component of OCT imaging that can be useful to detect changes over time .

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