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The Eye is a Window to Diabetes

If you haven’t received this unique invitation to attend this event please email the retinal hub on the email on this site and one will be sent your way. This symposium is a unique opportunity to get together with your colleagues to look at the science and evidence behind the ocular The Eye is a…

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Beware of the highly myopic patient findings…

This patient was referred to me for deterioration in her vision due to a cataract. Whilst the cataract indeed did contribute to her poor vision , an examination and OCT investigation of the macula ( now used routinely as part of my pre-surgical work up for cataract surgery ) , also shows a macular schisis.

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Benign lesions in the retinal periphery

This patient has a very interesting fundus appearance , there is a cobblestone like pattern of RPE pigmentation in the far to mid periphery. This is most prominent in her right eye and is ofcourse completely benign. In cases of similar bilateral lesions , one may need to consider retinal dystrophies as a potential differential…

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